Al-Hikmah : Indonesian Journal of Early Childhood Islamic Education <p><strong>Jurnal Al Hikmah: Indonesian Journal of Early Childhood Islamic Education (IJECIE)</strong>&nbsp;adalah jurnal berkala ilmiah yang dikelola dan diterbitkan oleh Program Studi Pendidikan Islam Anak Usia Dini (PIAUD) Institut Agama Islam (IAI) Al Hikmah Tuban, bekerja sama dengan Perkumpulan Program Studi Pendidikan Guru Raudlatul Athfal (PPS-PGRA) Indonesia. Jurnal ini mengkhususkan diri pada kajian pendidikan Islam anak usia dini.&nbsp;</p> IAI Al Hikmah Tuban en-US Al-Hikmah : Indonesian Journal of Early Childhood Islamic Education 2598-9588 PENINGKATAN KOGNITIF MELALUI METODE BERNYANYI DI RA SUNAN AMPEL PASURUAN <p><em>The singing method has long been used as a learning method for early childhood because basically singing is a natural gift that every individual has from birth and can be integrated into learning, as stated by Masitoh, et al (2007: 11.8). The purpose of this study was to describe children's cognitive enhancement through singing in class B RA Sunan Ampel Pasuruan. The method used is experiment and observation of learning outcomes. We give the task of memorizing Arabic vocabulary with songs and English without songs by collecting assignments in the form of videos or voice messages. The end result is that 7 out of 15 children collect Arabic song assignments on the first day and start collecting English memorization assignments on the second day. It can be concluded that the cognitive abilities of class B children RA Sunan Ampel Pasuruan improved through the singing method.</em></p> Aaam Subekti Erynka Iryaning Aulya Laili Karomah Hernik F. ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2021-03-10 2021-03-10 4 2 84 96 10.35896/ijecie.v4i2.156 TREND POLA ASUH ORANG TUA DALAM MODEL PEMBELAJARAN BLENDED LEARNING PADA MASA PANDEMI COVID-19 <p><em>This study discusses parenting styles in assisting students’ learning with blended learning model in RA. Sunan Ampel, Pasuruan. During the Covid-19 pandemi, RA Sunan Ampel implemented a blended learning model by combining online and offline learning. The instrument used in this study was a questionnaire distributed online to 11 parents of RA students as respondents. The results showed that almost parents have a authoritative &nbsp;parenting style indicated by parents’ attitude in engaging children to learning while playing. Meanwhile, such parents also applied permissive parenting characterized by parents’ intervention on children’s activites and no force for children to learn. Besides that, parents with authoritarian showed that they obey strict rules and punishments when children broke the rules. Above all, such uninvolved parenting implemented during the covid-19 indicated by negligent attitude of parents in engaging students’ learning.</em></p> Cindra Suryaputri Anggraeni Nur Hidayati Khoirulliati K Hernik Farisia ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2021-03-10 2021-03-10 4 2 109 119 10.35896/ijecie.v4i2.155 RELASI PARENTAL-ANAK DALAM MEWUJUDKAN DZURRIYAH ṬAYYIBAH BERLANDASKAN MABADI’ KHAIRA UMMAH DI ERA NEW NORMAL <p><em>This article examines the importance of the role of both parents in realizing a superior generation (Dzurriyah Thayyibah) in the Covid-19 pandemic era based on ‘Mabadi’ Khaira Ummah’. This article is the result of research based on reality of people’s lives that are forced to change according to the situation in the midst of a pandemic that is still sweeping the world or what is noe known as the new normal. This situation has had a tremendous impact on parents and especially on the younger generation who are still at the early childhood education level. This study aims to determine the role of parental relations in shaping the character of their children with a literature study and phenomenological approach. The results of this study indicate that parent who are disciplined by implementing the attitudes of Mabadi’ Khaira Ummah, will make the children they take care of to become tought, competitive, benefit others and have noble morals</em></p> Fathonah Kasuwi Daud HM. Ridlwan Hambali ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2021-03-10 2021-03-10 4 2 120 142 10.35896/ijecie.v4i2.161 MEDIA VIDEO ANIMASI UNTUK MENGOPTIMALKAN PERKEMBANGAN KOGNITIF SISWA RA SUNAN AMPEL PASURUAN <p>&nbsp;<em>This article describes the use of animated daily prayer videos to support learning activities during the pandemic and its impact on the cognitive development of students in RA Sunan Ampel, Pasuruan. This study used a qualitative descriptive approach with instruments. The results of this study indicate that the use of video animation instructional media consists of two stages, namely preparation and implementation. The preparation stage is the initial activity carried out before the video application stage. These stages include analyzing the material and learning objectives, identifying the contents of the animated video, and discussing with a group of friends about the video to be selected. Meanwhile, at the implementation stage, the animated video was shared in the Whatsapp group. So that children can still learn to use animated video media during the pandemic. This video helps increase children's enthusiasm for learning while at home. By listening to animated video shows, children can improve their cognitive abilities, namely memorizing prayers fluently.</em></p> Heidy Ayu Rosita Lukita Nurul Hidayah Aisyah Agus Safitri Hernik Farisia ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2021-03-10 2021-03-10 4 2 143 153 10.35896/ijecie.v4i2.153 MENINGKATKAN KEPERCAYAAN DIRI ANAK DENGAN MEMBEDAH NILAI-NILAI YANG TERKANDUNG PADA DONGENG CINDELARAS <p><em>Confidence in the culture, confidence in the private nation, confidence in the noble values that have been agreed ingrained in the heart is a good planting process used to save from the civilization of several nations. With the increasingly liberal era of globalization requires merging of values in local wisdom. One of the products of this local culture is the folklore from East Java, Cindelaras. The purpose of this study is to find the messages contained in fairy tales or folklore Cindelaras to increase children's confidence and revive old stories so that Indonesian cultures in any form, not eroded by other cultures. The results of the study after studying the research will discuss about what makes reading fairy tales to children increases their confidence, this is related to the values that can be taken from each of these tales. If examined one by one from each incident in a fairy tale, children will take more essence from it. On the other hand this is a step to involve local traditions and culture. </em></p> Muhammad Munawwir Shofiyulloh Abdul Muhid ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2021-03-10 2021-03-10 4 2 154 170 10.35896/ijecie.v4i2.109 WAJAH TK BERBASIS ISLAM: KESIAPAN GURU DALAM MENERAPKAN PEMBELAJARAN STEM <p><em>This research was conducted to describe the readiness of Islamic-based kindergarten teachers regarding STEM education. This research uses a qualitative approach. This research used a purposive sampling method to select the participants. The research participant consisted of 11 teachers who came from Islamic-based kindergartens. Participants were involved in semi-structured interviews. The qualitative data were analyzed by inductive content analysis. This case study results reveal knowledge, readiness, learning strategies, media, and challenges faced by teachers. There are differences in learning strategies, methods, and media used in implementing STEM in each Islamic school. The lack of knowledge and the low creativity of teachers is also an obstacle for schools in implementing STEM learning..</em></p> Yubaedi Siron Ayu Iis Nuryanah Huri Huraerah Nisa Fadhliyah Rahmani ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2021-03-10 2021-03-10 4 2 171 192 10.35896/ijecie.v4i2.146 PENERAPAN FOCUSED STIMULATION DALAM KEMAMPUAN BAHASA RESEPTIVE PADA ANAK RETARDASI MENTAL DI RUMAH SAKIT JIWA TAMPAN PEKANBARU <p><em>This study aims to see the application of the Focused Stimulation Method in improving the ability of prescription language in children with mental retardation at Tampan Mental Hospital Pekanbaru. The subjects in this study were 3 people with the criteria of experiencing low mental retardation and prescription language development. The implementation of the Focused Stimulation Method was carried out for 10 sessions, including baseline results and evaluation after implementation. From the results of the application of the method shows an increase in understanding of the receptive language on the subject. This increase can be seen from the baseline and evaluation results. In the FA subject there was an increase, namely the baseline results got 3 points and the evaluation score became 5 points, this means that there was an increase of 2 points. In the FR subject there was an increase, namely the baseline results got a value of 4 points and the evaluation value was 7 points, this means that there was an increase of 3 points. In the FM subject there was an increase, namely the baseline results got 5 points and the evaluation score became 8 points, this means that there was an increase of 3 points. Thus it can be said that the Focused Stimulation Method is effective for improving receptive language in children with mental retardation</em></p> Alucyana A. Ida Windi W. Dian T. Utami ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2021-03-10 2021-03-10 4 2 97 108 10.35896/ijecie.v4i2.122