This research is a qualitative research that is field research, researchers describe the findings sourced from the field. The research data were obtained from interviews with respondents, consisting of parents and community leaders as well as observations of children in Kajen Village Rt 04 / Rw 02. Data collection techniques used were through observation, interviews, and documentation. While the technical analysis of data includes data reduction, data presentation and verification.From the results of this study indicate that the role of parents in Rt 04 / Rw 02 Kajen Margoyoso Village Pati Regency related in Improving Early Childhood Speaking Behavior is mostly good, smooth and develops according to the development of his age. It's just that they as parents need to know and be aware that, educating children must be with patience and perseverance. Parents can teach polite speaking behavior by familiarizing children with things that are praiseworthy from an early age. Because children are a reflection of the actions of their parents. So that the hope of parents later children can behave and talk politely with everyone.