This article examines the importance of the role of both parents in realizing a superior generation (Dzurriyah Thayyibah) in the Covid-19 pandemic era based on ‘Mabadi’ Khaira Ummah’. This article is the result of research based on reality of people’s lives that are forced to change according to the situation in the midst of a pandemic that is still sweeping the world or what is noe known as the new normal. This situation has had a tremendous impact on parents and especially on the younger generation who are still at the early childhood education level. This study aims to determine the role of parental relations in shaping the character of their children with a literature study and phenomenological approach. The results of this study indicate that parent who are disciplined by implementing the attitudes of Mabadi’ Khaira Ummah, will make the children they take care of to become tought, competitive, benefit others and have noble morals