Every family couple certainly wants a harmonious and happy household life which in religious terms is called sakinah, mawaddah and rahmah. However, in the course of the household life is often faced with various problems that often lead to divorce. Among the problems that are often faced in domestic life is nusyuz. This study aims to describe the views of Syekh Nawawi in the book 'Uqûd al-Lujayn about nusyuz and its solutions. This research belongs to the descriptive-qualitative type by collecting data using literature techniques. The results showed that Nusyuz in Syekh Nawawi's view was an act of hatred between husband and wife as a family partner in the form of a violation of commitment in exercising their respective rights and obligations. The solution offered is in the form of hierarchical stages (advice, separation of beds, and beatings) with a note that beatings should be avoided as much as possible because they do not reflect the welfare side and are considered not of much use in resolving family conflicts caused by nusyuz.