Al-Hikmah : Indonesian Journal of Early Childhood Islamic Education 2020-01-02T14:57:03+00:00 Laily Hidayati Open Journal Systems <p><strong>Jurnal Al Hikmah: Indonesian Journal of Early Childhood Islamic Education (IJECIE)</strong>&nbsp;adalah jurnal berkala ilmiah yang dikelola dan diterbitkan oleh Program Studi Pendidikan Islam Anak Usia Dini (PIAUD) Institut Agama Islam (IAI) Al Hikmah Tuban, bekerja sama dengan Perkumpulan Program Studi Pendidikan Guru Raudlatul Athfal (PPS-PGRA) Indonesia. Jurnal ini mengkhususkan diri pada kajian pendidikan Islam anak usia dini.&nbsp;</p> Pembelajaran Kapilaritas terhadap Pertumbuhan Tanaman untuk Melatih Kreativitas Anak Usia Dini 2020-01-02T14:52:22+00:00 Adhiesta Kurnia Fikri Rosandi <p><em>This research aims to describe the creativity of early childhood through learning capillarity towards plant growth in group B TK PKK Tunas Bangsa, Soko, Tuban. This Research using quantitative descriptive research methods with the type of experimental research. The design of this study is Pre-Experimental Designs using One-Group Pre-Test-Post-Test Designs. Based on the results of the analysis of the research data it can be concluded that the results of the pretest and posttest are normalized gain tests to determine an increase in children's creativity before and after learning. The result, an increase in children's creativity in capillary learning on plant growth with n-gain of 0.4 with moderate criteria.</em></p> 2019-12-31T12:53:38+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Pengembangan Pembelajaran Mengenal Bilangan melalui Tangga Manik-Manik Montessori di Kelas A TK Anggrek Karangploso Malang 2020-01-02T14:52:19+00:00 Ari Kusuma Sulyandari <p><em>The purpose of research is how children understand numbers. before the children operate it. This research uses development research. researchers develop learning techniques. learning equipment is Montessori's beads. Data collection techniques using observation, interviews and documentation. the matter to be considered in this development is, the safety of the use of media for children, the pleasure and ease of use of the media.</em></p> 2019-12-31T12:57:04+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Pemanfaatan Grup Whatsapp sebagai Media Informasi Proses Belajar Anak di KB Permata Bunda 2020-01-02T14:52:18+00:00 Nur Lailatul Fitri <p><em>This study aims to describe: 1) how is the delivery of information on the learning process of children at KB Permata Bunda? 2) how to use whatsapp group? 3) what are the positive and negative impacts of using whatsapp groups as information media? The data collection method `is in the form of observation, interview and documentation. The results showed: 1) the delivery of information on academic development at KB Permata Bunda Gesikharjo was through a contact book that was distributed once every 3 months, while those related to the KBM process through letters, meetings and messages. 2) whatsapp group is used as a daily link between teacher and student guardians. 3) some positive effects felt by parents of KB Bunda Gesikharjo KB students including they can find out information on children's development at school quickly even though they have other activities outside of school, while the negative impact is more related to time and grammar in written communication.</em><em>.</em></p> 2019-12-31T12:59:06+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Strategi Pendampingan Orang Tua terhadap Intensitas Penggunaan Gadget pada Anak 2020-01-02T14:52:17+00:00 Nurul Novitasari <p class="abstrak"><em>Generally children spend time playing and trying new things. Not infrequently they play and satisfy their curiosity through gadgets, because gadgets are an interesting tool, children should still spend more time playing with peers. The development of gadgets is very influential in the development of human life. This phenomenon is most easily found in children who come from families where gadgets are no longer a luxury item for them. So parents have to control children who use gadgets. There are certain hours a child holds a cellphone, there are certain hours a child with parents. One negative impact of the use of gadgets on children include: 1) being private closed, 2) impaired brain health, 3) impaired eye health, 4) impaired hand health, 5) sleep disturbances, 6) aloofness, 7) violent behavior, 8) fading creativity, 9) radiation exposure, and 10) cyberbullying threats. The most influential figure in preventing or overcoming the negative effects of gadgets are parents. So parents have a big role in guiding and preventing gadget technology from having a negative impact on children. Ways that must be done by parents are as follows: 1) select according to the age of the child, 2) Be selective in choosing the game application in the gadget, 3) Accompany children in playing, 4) Limit the time playing gadget for children, and 5) Invite children to do positive activities.</em></p> 2019-12-31T12:59:48+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Pembelajaran Saintifik melalui Metode Bercerita untuk Perkembangan Kognitif Anak RA Kelompok A Mambaul Ulum 2020-01-02T14:52:17+00:00 Siti Fatimah <p><em>This research aims to describe implementation of scientific learning through storytelling methods, methods/techniques of storytelling for cognitive development, supporting and inhibiting factors of implementing Scientific learning with the storytelling method. The method used in this research through interviews and observation and documentation. The results showed 1) The scientific approach in group A of RA Mambaul Ulum was good and was carried out in accordance with procedures and involved all five senses such as observing, asking questions, gathering information, processing information and communicating 2) The method used by teachers of group A of RA Mambaul Ulum by giving stories in accordance with the theme and always using the media and using interesting ways so that children are able to focus their attention on the teacher's story 3) Supporting factors were the program of the headmaster of RA related to increasing teacher capacity in storytelling which was routinely carried out by IGRA at the Sub-district. The inhibiting factors consisted of not all parents of students were able to do follow Up and became an example in supporting the cognitive development of children at home</em></p> 2019-12-31T13:00:37+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Peningkatan Kemampuan Motorik Halus Anak Melalui Permainan Slime Di Taman Kanak-Kanak M. Nur Ikhlas 2020-01-02T14:52:07+00:00 Reni Rahkhamayani Sari Dewi <p><em>This study is based on the suble motor of abnormal motor, the cause because the method of use of teachers in teaching less attractive and strategis. As for this research aims to improve the fine motor skiils of children with slime games. This type of research is classroom action research subjects using group be as many as fifteen children, of which nine and six girls. This research was conducted in kindergarden M. Nur Ikhlas Padang Timur in semester II of the 2018/2019 academic year. The technique used is operation and documentation, then it is processed with a percentage technique. As for this study as many 2 cycles, each held 3 meetings. In cycle 2 if the results have reached the minimum regulatory criteria. From the results of the study and discussion, conclusions can be drawn, namely: 1) Through the game slime can improve the motorcycle capability of the child’s child in TK M.Nur ikhlas east padang district. 2) The Slime game, children can squeeze the Slime well, children can form Slime, children can print Slime and children are able to form Slime with various shapes according to the wishes of the children so as to improve the child's fine motor skills. 3) Improve children's fine motor skills in the game Slime by forming can make children more creative in learning. The results of the study showed an increase in Cycle I obtained, there was an increase in fine motor abilities of children, although not yet optimal. In Cycle II the researchers made improvements, so as to obtain maximum results and achieve the Minimum Requirements Kroiteria. This proves that the game Slime, can improve the fine motor skills of children in kindergarten M. Nur Ikhlas, East Padang.</em><br><em>Keywords: Early Childhood, Motor Fine, Slime Game</em></p> 2019-12-31T13:01:10+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Dakon dan Layang-Layang: Revisi Praktik Segregasi Gender dalam Permainan Terstruktur Kelas Prasekolah 2020-01-02T14:57:03+00:00 Laily Hidayati <p><em>[Gender inclusive learning in principle is how to position women and men based on the proportions that exist both for women and men in all matters relating to social reality. Specifically in the process of early childhood learning, a teacher must be able to place positions where there is interaction between boy and girl in students, there are no gaps in accessing and obtaining education. Teachers must be sensitive to the potential for injustice or gender inequality that appears in the games played by their students. The teacher must be able to arrange the learning program in such a way that the gaps in the growth of gender inequality and the root of the habit of gender bias from an early age can be anticipated starting from when the child is at the preschool level. Gender issues in education are important to solve. A good understanding of gender can help everyone in school play a better role in improving the quality of education, and at the level of early childhood education can be the basics of a good understanding of children, about patterns of gender-equitable social relations. It can be started by creating learning that supports the same participatory treatment between boy and girl students. This study wants to see the practice of gender inclusive learning in early childhood education institutions, which nuances of gender segregation and unification in the form of structured game programmed by preschool.]</em></p> 2019-12-31T00:00:00+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement##